The Constellation Collective

Trusted partners to ambitious founders of agencies & businesses in the creative, marketing, digital & tech space.

Benefit from 175+ years’ senior expertise in driving sales & scale for operations small & large.

For us, it’s all about YOU

Are you looking to realise growth ambitions, scale sustainably & successfully navigate an ever-evolving business landscape?

You may have specific revenue targets? Want to explore new markets or be less involved ‘in the weeds’ of the business? Or perhaps are considering your succession options?

We have the understanding & insight to support you on a journey we know only too well. And would like nothing more than to help another extraordinary founder succeed.

For founders. By founders.

We’ve launched, built, scaled & successfully exited companies. We also understand the journey ahead is challenging.

Your time is valuable, so we align with you from the first conversation & move at your speed. When exceptional people work together, the extraordinary can occur.

Frank discussions are welcomed in an environment where diverse perspectives & independent thinking is encouraged. Working closely & proactively with you, we can be involved as much or as little as needed.


No two founders or companies are the same. Wherever you are in your journey, whatever your challenges & vision, you receive tailored expertise & support.

We help you through each transition to prepare for and tackle what lies ahead. There’s no ‘one size-fits-all’ approach.

And your level of investment in us is proportional to your size & stage of growth.

Business Strategy

Benefit from agency (& non-agency) experience, perspectives & strategy. Scaled to the ever-changing needs of your business. All without compromising your budget.

Value Creation

Creating new products, services, growth vectors & profit centres that are future-facing, meet current & future market demand & don’t dilute your brand.


From CMO-level strategic input, identifying insights & setting (& achieving) goals, to on-the-ground support in delivering campaigns & projects.


Whether internal or external, we’ll support in all elements of the creative process, from ideation, concepts & selling the idea in, through to delivery of work.

Staff & Client Services

Improved talent attraction, development & retention, more engagement & productivity from your teams, & increased client satisfaction.

Business Development

Optimising client targeting, creating an improved, more robust pipeline, improving your close rates & accelerating growth.


Align decisions with business goals & employment legislation that benefit you and your team, strengthening your employer proposition & competitive edge.

Pitch Doctor

Mentoring & live-pitch advice – from lead qualification, analysing the brief & keeping everyone on track, to valuable, candid feedback during rehearsals.


From managing risk, enhancing profitability & measuring KPIs, to tax compliance & advisory, all on-demand, removing the overhead of a full-time hire.

M&A / Funding

Whether it’s raising funds, a full company sale, acquiring/merging with another company or a shareholder leaving, we’ll support you every step of the way.

Our approach

Value Creation

Market, proposition, positioning, sales & marketing strategies, profitability, new product & service development, growth vectors & profit centres, client engagement & retention, funding, M&A.

Talent Development

Attracting top talent, staff development & retention, team engagement, management team & board structure, culture, performance management, mentoring.

Business Operations

Commercial ops, cost/margin management, cashflow, client acquisition & retention, HR, internal tools & processes, benchmarking, risk management, succession planning, KPIs, JVs & partnerships.

We’ll help you & your team identify, prioritise & solve immediate (& longer term) challenges across the above 3 business critical areas. Enabling you to unlock opportunities & deliver significant impact.

This is achieved by deep-diving into your business, its strategy, culture, proposition & financials. Giving you access to specialists in each area as-and-when required.

A team of on-demand specialists

Simon Thurston

Simon Thurston

Clients, Content,
Value Creation

Philip Otley

Philip Otley

Growth, Strategy,
Value Creation


Poppy Butcher

PR & Cut-Through

Abeed Janmohamed

Abeed Janmohamed

Growth, Ops, M&A

Darren Collins

Darren Collins

Creative, Ops, Talent Dev

Jo White

Jo White

Talent Dev, Growth, Clients

David Pugh-Jones

David Pugh-Jones

Brand, Strategy, Content

Richard Adams

Richard Adams

Growth, Finance, Risk

Antony Newland

Callum Donnelly

Strategy, Sales, Marketing


Rob Quinn

Growth, Finance, HR

Testimonials & results

  • Increasing annual revenue by 2.5x
  • Supporting an agency through a 5-stage pitch process to become content AoR for a new global client
  • Reducing client concentration from 80% of revenue from one client alone, down to 30%, in just one year
  • Warm new business introductions with Ernst & Young, Twitch, Microsoft, Edelman, Nat West, Cudos & Verizon

"Downturns are always a challenging time for agencies. This one is no different, but with all crises, the innovators & disruptors will become creative in alternative ways. Now is the time to rethink, innovate, create, & deliver differently. The Constellation Collective are proving the case."

Rob Chandler

CEO, Founder & Executive Producer, Morden Wolf

"It’s an exciting new chapter for us that will help us continue to grow. Now more than ever, companies need to tell their stories to internal & external audiences in creative & engaging ways. Being a part of this future facing collective will turbocharge our ability to do that."

Scott Shillum

CEO & Co-Founder, Vismedia

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